SEASON 4 – FOUR DECK TRIAD not Survival sorry for the confussion if any, but video correctly shows the scoring of the event!

Four Deck Triad Guidelines:

Each participant will select 4 decks to field for the season as their triad roster.
Each match participants will have one of their four decks banned by their opponent.
The remaining three decks will then compete to earn points with a total of 5 points on the line.
One point per win, plus the winner takes any left over points.


*This season we will be have 32 participants split into 8 groups, with 4 persons per group. This will be the format moving forward. Also this season the groups will not be separated by time zones, instead it will be set into 2 phases. In each phase players will be responsible to play each other member in their group once. These phases will be approximately 30 days give or take a day. Any unplayed games at the end of the phase will be judged on effort to schedule and substitute games will be played to allow for points to be earned if one party made the effort with no response. Further rules to come on the site.

Also each group will not have teammates from their team unless absolutely necessary. Each member will be pseudo randomly added to a group as we fill the group stages. This process will be aired live on Twitch when all spots are claimed.


There will be more frequent paid tournaments moving forward to help with prize support and KFPL maintenance. Prizes for the tournament will be based on attendance, and participation.

Effectively immediately there will no longer be a points chase to qualify for the KFPL. To qualify you will have to win or make a runner-up in one of the prize support tournaments, or the free to play qualifiers.

SPECIAL NOTE: Once a person qualifies for the KFPL with a deck that deck will be locked in to that persons pool of decks. So no one deck can win multiple qualifiers or tournaments in a single season span.

This deck does not have to be in the 4 deck pool for the actual KFPL but it can not appear in anyone else’s either. This will be a permanent rule moving forward to discourage decks being seen over and over again since there are no limitations on SAS capping.


If you have questions or feedback then feel free to reach out to me on FB messenger or Discord.

* Things are subject to change as we are trying to incorporate leagues into the skill pool and awarding spots to leagues. I may raise this number to make sure there are still open spots for all the KFPL events. But this is the layout 32 or 64 depending on the participation and how the turnouts go!